Places I Visit

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Cable News Network


The Daily Show

The Drudge Report


Politics and Government

The Supreme Court of the United States

The United States Supreme Court Multimedia

The United States Senate

The Library of Congress

The United States House of Representatives

Electronic Frontier Foundation


Social and Cultural Organizations

The African American Web Connection

Asian American Network

Center for Latin American Studies at The Ohio State University (Alumni - Minor)

Gay & Lesbian Youth Resource

The Department of Slavic and Eastern European Studies at The Ohio State University <---The BEST!! (Alumni - Minor)

The Gorbachev Foundation 

Bridges for Education (Teaching English Abroad)



Find Law

The Supreme Court of the United States

OYEZ - Supreme Court Media

iCivics - Awesome website to learn about Government



The Department of Geography at The Ohio State University (Alumni - Minor)

I Like To Learn Geography

Weather Underground

World Geography Games Online (Thanks to Sheppard Software)

Earth and Moon Viewer

Games for Studying Geography (thanks to Chris in Colorado)

Maps of the World

Map Games from Maps.com

Flags of the World Game

Traveler IQ Challenge

A Kids Guide to Geography

Student Safe Photos for Projects



Booking.com - great for international travel

Student Universe 

New York City Panoramas



The Internet Movie Database

Movie Soundbytes



Department of Athletics at The Ohio State University