Czech, Slovak, Russian and Ukrainian Links


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 Czech Links  Everything you wanted to know about Prague (English Language) Czech news/sports/weather (English & Czech Language) The Prague Metro System and Map (English & Czech Language) Czech Restaurant & Bar Guide (Czech Language) Prague news, housing, jobs, nightlife, hotels (English Language) Many links to governmental pages, life, culture, travel, business and studying in the Czech Republic Explore the architectural marvel:  Prague Castle (Czech & English Language)

Media Links  Great source for E mail, shopping, maps and other e-services. Listen live to my friends here hard at work in Prague.  Dance, Hip Hop & Pop Music.  A great mix of modern music. Choose from many other radio stations throughout the Czech Republic.  Many genres to choose from (Pop, Rock, Dance, Country, News), meet or chat with friends via the webcam link, stream in live Czech television broadcasts (Czech Language) Great Czech search engine, get maps, set up an E-mail account, dictionary.  The Czech version of "google" (Czech Language) Great Euro-Club Music.  They have a Live Webcam for the studio, chat availability, and take SMS & ICQ requests, but remember they are 6 hours ahead of the U.S. Eastern Time Zone.  (Czech Language)


Slovakian Links News and information about happenings in Bratislava Slovakia (English Language) Take a hydrofoil cruise on the Danube from Bratislava to Vienna, Austria (I did it's great fun), or go in the other direction to Budapest Hungary. (Slovak & English Language) Choose your genre and listen to some Slovakian radio stations live (Slovak & English Language) Explore the castles of Slovakia including Bratislava Castle (Slovak & English Language)


Russian Links A great way to search for your favorite Russian musical artists.  Reasonably priced downloads.  English site is available, but if you are searching for Russian artists, you will get better results by using the the Cyrillic/Russian search; make sure your keyboard is adapted.  Many great downloads available, usually at 19 cents ($.19) a track, with deeper discounts if you download the entire CD.  I have used this site a lot for fun Russian Music! Cheaper than I-tunes.(Russian & English) Choose from different genres of music and listen.  No commercials, western music mixed with some Russian artists.  It uses WinAMP.  (Russian Language) Explore Russia via the Trans Siberian Railroad, book tours, see pictures and check tour dates and prices (English Language) Keep up to date with the happenings inside the Russian Government (Russian & English Versions Available)


Ukrainian Links Kiev Ukraine news and current events (English Language) Radio Live from Kiev Ukraine (Pop, Rock, Dance, Hip Hop) (Ukrainian Language)